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folder FontAgent Pro for Mac
Information about FontAgent Pro for Mac
folder FontAgent Pro for Windows
Font Manager for Windows 7, Vista and XP
folder FontAgent Pro Server Family
Font servers for workgroups, departments, agencies and the expanded enterprise
folder Smasher for Mac
Font organization and cache clearing tool
folder Font Management
Font management issues on Mac and Windows
folder Creative Suite Font Activation
Font activation issues in Adobe Creative Suite applications
folder Account and Upgrade Info
Upgrading Insider software products and managing your account info
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document What are dfont files? Do I need them?
A dfont is really the same as a Mac TrueType font except its data is stored in the data fork instead of the resource fork. The dfont file format...
document What are font caches and why do they exist?
To work properly, Mac OS X must activate and cache fonts. Font caches are used to speed the display of text on your screen. Other applications such...
document Where does Mac OS X store fonts?
Mac OS X stores fonts in several different places, which can make dealing with fonts a bewildering experience. FontAgent Pro eliminates this...
document How do I disable FontBook?
Please read this entire procedure before use. Perform the following steps in the order specified. Note: These instructions are for Mac OS X 10.6...
document I'm having trouble auto-activating fonts. What can I do to fix it?
Make sure you are using the latest version of FontAgent Pro. Please see for information on the latest version. Remove any other font managers,...
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document I turned on manage system fonts in FontAgent Pro and now when I launch Illustrator I get an error. What gives?
When you turn on Manage System fonts in the preferences in FontAgent Pro, the fonts in your /Library/Fonts/ folder folder and your ~/Library/Fonts/...
document My hard drive crashed and I was still using FontAgent Pro 4. I seem to have lost the installer. Is there any place I can download the software?
The latest release of FontAgent Pro 4 can be found .
document Is FontAgent Pro 5 supported on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks?
FontAgent Pro 5 is supported on Mac OS X versions 10.6.8 through 10.8.x. FontAgent Pro 5 will not be updated to support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
document Where do the fonts that come with the Open Source Font collection available with FontAgent Pro 6 come from?
The collection was downloaded from the Google Web fonts site and scrubbed for duplicates, corrupt and "troublesome" fonts. The font source...
document Does FontAgent Pro auto-activate fonts in the Adobe Creative Cloud applications?
FontAgent Pro 6 includes auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud applications including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and...